Global Stretchable Conductive Inks Market Size Analysis, 2018-2028

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Global Stretchable Conductive Inks Market

Conductive inks has seen major innovation in last few years. Companies are coming up with new products to cater the growing customized needs of end-users. As such, one recent technological advancement in the field of conductive inks is stretchable conductive inks. The flexible Stretchable conductive inks market size is set to grow at above 6.2% CAGR between 2017 and 2027.

Global Stretchable Conductive Inks Market Drivers and Challenges

The flexible and printed electronics products is quickly gaining traction. Electronic product manufacturers and suppliers are rapidly leveraging smart electronic labels in order to woo end-use consumers. As a result, stretchable conductive inks demand will grow above normal chemical and conductive inks growth. This stretchable conductive inks market trend is likely to be stronger in North America and Europe. Though printed electronics industry was not expected to grow at higher momentum in 2016, it crossed the threshold only to meet disruptive changing technology. The industry will be driven with the increasing market penetration of electronic textiles and in-mold electronics. Both these applications need to withstand for longer time. Stretchable conductive inks has emerged as the best possible solutions for these applications in current scenario. While new applications are opening new market opportunities, old application is raising the industry standards. Due to its property, it is able to withstand hundreds of washing cycles, and maintains conductivity when stretched – maintaining good conductivity despite repeated elongation.

The industry is further set to be supported with the macroeconomics and regulatory scenario. As per the estimates, the global value will soar by 2.1 times between 2017 and 2027. Still it will fall short to demand by a considerable margin value. Stretchable conductive market players need to strengthen their distribution channel in order to generate maximum ROI over the forecast period.

Global Stretchable Conductive Inks Market Regional Analysis

Bekryl Market Analysts has analyzed the global conductive inks market across North America, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Among these, North America and Western Europe region will dominate the global industry. Collectively, the region is estimated to account for over 63% in 2017. Though the industry will generate high ROI for Europe and North America based companies, they need to focus on aligning their operational margin in order to lower down the risk arising from short lived incremental opportunities. Cutthroat competition from China based companies is expected to lower down the prices during the mid of the forecast period – in turn macroeconomic scenario from value driven to volume driven. Germany stretchable conductive market share is estimated to account for nearly 31% of regional market.

Asia Pacific stretchable conductive inks market size is expected to witness mix trend. While countries such as Japan and Australia will grow at sluggish rate of 3.5% and 4.1% respectively, China and India will grow by 13.5% and 12.6% respectively. As such, the addressable market in China and India is potentially very high. Well planned strategy could overall stretchable conductive inks market.

Latin America and Middle East will grow at moderate growth while there will be no notable change in Africa market during the forecast period. Over 67% of Africa stretchable conductive inks market value is contributed by South Africa.

Global Stretchable Conductive Inks Market Competition Scenario




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