Global Geospatial Imagery Analytics Market to Surpass USD 20 Billion by 2025

Global Geospatial Imagery Analytics Market to Surpass US$ 20 Bn by 2025

Global geospatial imagery analytics market is bound to register impressive 27% growth for next ten years owing to increasing integration of IoT and artificial intelligence. The recently released report by Bekryl covers in-depth information on how the industry will shape in another ten years with total incremental opportunities for key players. The 250+ page report gives detailed level insights across 27+ countries. To read more/download sample/purchase report, visit:

The industry is expected to exceed USD 20 billion by 2025 – registering a CAGR of 27% during the forecast period.

The industry is highly dynamic with rapid technological advancements. As a result, the industry landscape is getting highly competitive with large number of companies entering in the white space. Product development is the key strategy witnessed in the industry. Companies, in order to ensure sustainable growth, are focusing highly on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Bekryl’s market research report, Global Geospatial Imagery Analytics Market Size Analysis and Industry Opportunity, finds Western Europe to account for 37% of global sales in 2018. The region is bestowed with well-developed infrastructure with high level of industrial automation. Moreover, the security spending has increased by 5.7% in most parts of Western Europe. As such, geospatial data is actively analyzed by law enforcement agencies and military tactical operations. These analytics helps from mapping to alert and predictions.

Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region and will take over Europe geospatial imagery analytics market size by 2020. Higher adoption of connected devices along with large number of internet based users are key factors driving the regional geospatial imagery analytics. The growth in the region will be primarily driven by China. Surveying and mapping accounts for largest usage in the country. Over 18 thousand enterprises are certified to offer mapping and surveying services in China. Various government initiatives are also creating favorable business environment.

Some key trends from the global Geospatial Imagery Analytics market:

Trend#1: Government and Military Sector will dominate the Geospatial Imagery Analytics Market

Government sector (law enforcement) accounted for majority of the global share. Increasing industrialization and demand from private sector will lead to decline in market share by nearly 600 basis points during the forecast period.

Trend#2: Imagery Analytics to Account for 73% of Global Share in 2018

While imagery analytics will account for close to quarter of the industry share, rapid technological innovation in IoT will help create demand for video-based imagery systems.

Trend#3: Surveillance and Monitoring to be the Key Application

The industry is still at its initial growth curve. As such, much of the application is concentrated to surveillance and monitoring purpose. Surveillance and monitoring will account for 33% of global geospatial imagery analytics application.

Trend#3: Mergers and Acquisitions to be Key Inorganic Growth Strategy

Industry consolidation is one of the key trend witnessed in the industry. In February 2018, Esri acquired ClearTerra. The acquisition is intended to offer ArcGIS platform users the ability to discover and extract geographic coordinates from unstructured textual data. Similar such development was witnessed in 2017. MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) acquired DigitalGlobe Inc. to diversify its space based solutions.

Some key global Geospatial Imagery Analytics Market Players are Google Inc. Fugro Inc., SpaceKnow Inc., Maxar Technologies Ltd., Harris Corporation, Hexagon AB Trimle Inc., Planet Labs, Inc., UrtheCast Corp., KeyW Corporation, RMSI, Satellite Imaging Corporation, and Skylab Analytics.

Geospatial Imagery Analytics Market, By Industry Verticals

  • Government and Military Sector
  • Mining
  • Petrochemicals
  • Healthcare
  • Construction and Civil Engineering
  • Power and Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Media and Entertainment

Geospatial Imagery Analytics Market, By Type:

  • Image Analytics
  • Video Analytics

Geospatial Imagery Analytics, By Application:

  • Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Resource Management
  • Disaster Management
  • Conservation
  • Forensics
  • Archaeology
  • Exploration and Exhibitions

Geospatial Imagery Analytics Market, By Carrier Mode:

  • Commercial Drones
  • GIS
  • Satellites
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Global Flexible Display Market to Register 69% Growth in 2019

Global Flexible Display Market to Register 69% Growth in 2019

Global Flexible display market is set to register impressive growth in next ten years fueled by various technological factors. Demand is escalating from various smartphones and consumer electronics manufacturers. By 2028, a  major portion will be captured by flexible display. While there is huge opportunities, companies need to adopt calculated growth strategies to ensure long term profitability and business sustainability. Bekryl has launched 270+ page exhaustive research report that gives clear picture on how industry is going to be shaped in another ten years – highlighting the key market opportunities for new entrants as well as industry leaders. To know more about industry trends/ download research sample, visit:

Global Flexible Display Market Value is expected to surpass USD 3.2 billion in 2018 and will register a CAGR of 63% between 2017 and 2028. Over 125 million units of flexible display were shipped in 2017. The number is expected to more than double by 2020. This is a white space opportunity for engaged players and will help in generating high ROI during the forecast period.

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The industry is highly consolidated with engaged companies primarily focusing on product development to differentiate their market positioning. Nearly 700 patents were filed between 2015 and 2017 with Samsung and LG accounting for highest number of patents. Global flexible display market will become hypercompetitive with advancement in technology and emergence of new entrants in the market.

Bekryl’s market research report, Global Flexible Display Market Size Analysis and Industry Opportunity, finds North America to account for 43% of global share in 2018. The region has been at the forefront of adopting newer technology. While North America accounted for majority of the share, Asia Pacific will takeover the North America in terms of net revenue by 2020. This is primarily attributed to China’s strong macroeconomic outlook. Also, South East Asian Countries are registering impressive growth in industrial production. Collectively, the region represents 2.3 billion smartphone users with high sales of electronic products.

Some key trends from the Global Flexible Display Market:

Trend#1: Increased Consolidation in Flexible Display Market

According to Bekryl Market Analysts, the industry is highly consolidated with leading 5 players accounting for 88% of global share. Samsung and LG flexible display accounts for the highest share.

Trend#2: Plant Capacity Expansion

Global Flexible Display Market has grown manifolds since 2012. Companies are investing heavily on increasing their production capacity to meet the global demand. While Korea enjoys being the market leader in term of production capacity, China is increasingly investing in the technology to create favorable ecosystem for engaged companies.

In 2017, China based firm –BOE – announced the mass production of flexible displays in China. Similar such development was seen with Samsung announced to build world’s highest flexible display OLED plant capacity.

Trend#3: OLED to dominate the Flexible Display Industry by Technology

OLED to account for 77% of global share in 2018. OLED are self-emitting color gamut without staked structure. Much of the traction will be from smartphones and TV display demand.

Some key global Flexible Display market players are Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, LG Display Co., Ltd, Innolux Corporation, AU Optronics Corp., Japan Display Inc., Hannstar Display Corporation, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd, Osram Licht AG, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd, Panasonic Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc., Pioneer Corporation, Ritek Corporation.

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Global Forestry and Agriculture Drones Market to be valued over US$ 460 Million in 2016

Global Forestry and Agriculture Drones Market to be valued over US$ 460 Million in 2018

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